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Nailing necklines

Here’s my quick guide on which necklines are going to flatter your shape. Book a style consult to find out more.

V-Neck - ideal for large busts. Cross over tops and dresses that create a V-shape are also flattering. A wide V is good for the triangle body shape as it draws the eye outwards, making the shoulders appear wider. A good option for short necks.

Crew - works well on small busts and a good choice for long necks. The appearance of broad shoulders will be minimised as the high neckline draws them in.

Boat - A useful neckline for those who need to balance narrow shoulders with wider hips.

Polo/Turtle - Flattering on smaller busts and long necks.

Cowl/Scoop - Good for building up the bust and for short necks.

Halter - Draws the eye inwards and has the effect of balancing wide shoulders and small hips.


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