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Make-up Tutorial

"All women are pretty without make-up but the right make-up can be pretty powerful."

Wearing the right colour make-up is equally as impactful as wearing the right coloured clothes. Likewise, using the right techniques for your face shape is like wearing the best style of clothes for your body. 

Sometimes we simply want a change, or to know how to achieve a different look. Our make-up needs might change over time as we journey through life too.  If you’ve been wearing the same make-up for years, aren’t sure what suits you best, or want something new or different then book a make-up 101 tutorial with me.

How It Works

I’ll talk to you beforehand to establish your aim for the session.  We will cover skin care and make-up equipment and look at the perfect colours for your colour type. You will be applying your own make-up each step of the way, so you can replicate the skills again at home.  

All Colour Me Beautiful cosmetics are paraben, lead and palm oil free.  Products are not tested on animals.  They are mineral-based.  All the products are made in the EU & USA. 


Invest In Yourself


Make-up 101

Cost - £65

Duration - 1-1 ½ hours

What you get

A make-up record sheet and a list of your best colours.

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