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How to Wear Camel

The seasons may not change in KL, but don't you just love the warm, rich colours of autumn? Some of us are fortunate to have yellow-based colours in our palette and wear these more easily, but those with cool undertones will have to work a little harder to pull off these colours. As you know, I never say never, and even if these are not in your palette we can work together to make the colours you want to wear look best with your look.

We're already seeing a lot of Camel in the shops. Camel is a light neutral, slightly warmer than Stone, Taupe and Beige. However, it can work for everyone if you know how to combine it with other shades. Here is a quick guide: Lights: Keep your overall look light and delicate. Combine with Sage for an autumnal vibe.

Deeps: Your look is strong and Camel on its own may 'wash' you out. Wear with a strong accent colour such as Damson.

Warms: This is a really useful neutral to have in your wardrobe and will work with many of your colours such as Lime.

Cools: Rose Beige or Taupe will always be better on you, but if you already have Camel in your wardrobe, wear it with a blue-based colour such as Bright Periwinkle to cool down the warm hue.

Clears: Your dramatic look will overpower Camel on its own, so wear it with a strong colour such as Emerald Green (the 'it' shade this coming season).

Softs: Camel will look wonderful on you. Wear with a similar depth such as Soft Violet or Geranium Red for a more dramatic effect.


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