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Online Dominant Colour Consultation


I now offer my Dominant Colour Consultation via Zoom for those who can not make it into the studio.

How It Works

The appointment will be conducted by Zoom and the link will be sent to you ahead of time. 

The Colour Me Beautiful (CMB) concept of colour analysis will be explained to you, and I will analyse your hair and eye colour as well as your skin tone to determine your dominant colour characteristics. I will also take you through a style personality assessment so that I can make suggestions on how to wear your colours in a way that suits you best.

We'll discuss your best whites, neutrals, accent colours and denim as well as some truly wonderful colour combinations for you.

I will also recommend make-up colours and introduce you to the Colour Me Beautiful range.

Your palette of 30 swatches that suit you perfectly will be sent to you after the consultation.  You will be able to use this to confidently assess your current wardrobe, and to shop to look great every day.  I will also prepare a report that I will email after the consultation which will include advice on how best to wear your colours.  You will also then have access to my private Pinterest mood board for inspiration.


How to prepare

   -  Please do not wear make-up.

   -  Make sure that you are sitting in good daylight.

   -  Preferably sit facing a window

   -  Set your camera at a good height. This might mean                   placing your computer up on a stand  or box

   -  Please have 4-6 tops or dresses with you - 2 of which you           don't wear and 1 black top - for us to assess after the                 consultation.

Invest In Yourself

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Online Dominant Colour Consultation

Cost - £95

Duration - 1-1 ½ hours

What you get

30 colour personalised colour-palette sent via post.

Full colour analysis report.

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