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Meet Catherine

Certified Colour & Styling Expert

I want to use my skills as a qualified Colour and Style Consultant to make you the best version of you.  I’m passionate about it.  

I fully believe that worn in the right way, the right styles and colour are uplifting.  They are a powerful confidence boost and you have a right to look and feel well!  Learning to respect and value your look, as well as your shape, with clothes that show them off to their best is the key to doing this.  

It isn’t about impressing anyone, but expressing who you are and what you are.  My studio is a welcoming, safe and non-judgemental place where we will have fun finding what works for you. I consider it a pleasure to work with many unique and beautiful women to equip them to do this.


Colour Consultation


Style Consultation


Make-Up Tutorial


Wardrobe Overhaul

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