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How to wear black

Black is in everyone’s wardrobe, but it isn’t in everyone’s palette. So….. if it’s not in yours let’s think about how to make it work for you.

Fabric Texture and weave will alter the way in which the light is absorbed by the fabric. All types of knits will soften black and a sheer fabric like chiffon or lace make it much less intense.

Skin Always wear black away from your face. Leave enough flesh on show with a lower or open neckline to avoid shadow reflection under your chin and eyes that can be aging and make you look tired. Details such as frills, lace and chiffon can help to soften the look.

Accessories Wearing scarves, cardigans or jackets near your face in your best colours will mean the right colours are reflected into your face. Accessorizing with jewellery (especially necklaces) will also help as light will reflect and help to bring out your natural colouring.

Make-up Ensure you are wearing the right shades of make-up for your colouring. Don’t wear lipstick or blusher which is too strong. Avoid the temptation to be overdramatic with your eyeliner and eye shadows and this will allow the black to overpower your colouring.

Alternatives to black Tones of grey can work well as an alternative to black and charcoal is a popular choice. Other suggestions are teal, charcoal blue, light navy and spruce.


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