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"The key to style is learning who you are."

Colour & Style with Catherine Graham

Understanding which styles and colours suit you is powerful.  They make you look healthier, younger and vibrant by enhancing the beauty nature has already given you.  Take what you’ve got and make it work for you. Everyone is beautiful in the right thing. Who wouldn’t want to know what that is?

Meet Catherine

Certified Colour & Style Expert

I want to use my skills as a qualified Colour and Style Consultant to make you the best version of you.  I’m passionate about it. 

"I’m obsessed with seeing women encourage, support and empower other women. It’s my favourite.  We need more of it."
"If You Invest in yourself you'll grow"

Booking a colour/style consultation for yourself, or for someone you love, is not an expense – it’s an investment.  I’m a great believer that knowledge is power.  We’ve all made purchasing mistakes and we’ve all got our favourites.  Having the tools to spot the difference before you buy can literally save you a fortune.  If you don’t have a love of shopping or the time, then you need this knowledge.  If you love fashion and embrace it, you can up your game and pull out the stops when you want – which I hope will be every day.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you to my studio.

"Self-care is a form of self-respect."

We’re told first impressions count and they do.  There are some mad statistics about what we decide in the first few seconds of meeting someone, but what counts more is how YOU feel.  Wearing the things that bring out the best bits of you (that are already there by the way) is a gift you can give yourself every single day.  It will bring you joy. You just need to know how to do it.


What I Do


Colour Consultation


Style Consultation


Make-Up Tutorial


Wardrobe Overhaul

What I do

Start your journey towards style confidence

"The morning was a hugely fun and enjoyable experience! Catherine was warm and engaging and I’ve left with the confidence to try new things."

- Christine

- susmita

“Catherine discovered some colours I would never think of, but looked great on me. I will definitely take her advice and my palette with me when I go shopping. Highly recommended”

- Jorien

I loved working with Catherine! I learnt a lot about my body and the colours and styles that suit me. I walked away with lots of style information as well as inspiration!  Thank you Catherine!"

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